Black, White & Red Waterproof Reversible Food Mat/ Bed Server/Bedsheet Protector in 3 Layered Heavy Material


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Reversible Food Mat/ Bed Server


Set Content: 1 bed server mat
Print/Pattern: One side dots & other side Floral
Color: Black, White & Red
Type: Bed server mat
Fabric: PVC

Other Features:

  • Reversible
  • Waterproof
  • Stainproof
  • Oil resistant
  • Wipeable

Size & Fit

Dimension: 36″*36″(Width x Height)

Material & Care

Hand wash


Material- Plastic
Shape- Square
Print or Pattern Type- One side dots & other side Floral
Set Size- 1

About this item

  • Made in Printed Imported Waterproof Fabric(Reversible) , Printed Designs.
  • Dimension :(36×36) Inches.
  • Very useful product in Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Easy clean with Wet Cloth & Waterproof.
  • The powder is used to soften the pvc so please wipe it with a cloth before using it.


Key features of food mats include:

  1. Protection: Food mats act as a barrier between hot plates, serving dishes, and utensils and the dining table, preventing scratches, heat damage, and stains caused by spills and food residue.
  2. Hygiene: By providing a clean surface for dining, food mats contribute to maintaining hygiene standards by preventing direct contact between food and the table surface.
  3. Decoration: Food mats add visual interest and style to the dining table, complementing the overall décor and theme of the dining area. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to suit various aesthetics and occasions.
  4. Functionality: Some food mats offer additional functionalities such as being easy to clean, reversible designs for versatility, or even features like non-slip backing to prevent slipping or sliding during meals.
  5. Personalization: Customizable options allow individuals to personalize their dining experience by choosing food mats that reflect their personality, preferences, or special occasions.

Overall, food mats serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, making dining more enjoyable while also preserving the condition of the dining table.


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